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X-GAS: The End of Fast Crash and Medusa?

MTF UPDATE 3/17/2023

The era of Medusa and Fast Crash butane could be coming to an end more quickly than initial research here at Solvent Direct had suggested. After almost 12 weeks of experimentation, we are excited to share some news that is sure to shake up the extraction industry, and raise concerns among industrial gas suppliers that continue to deny the existence of recent variability in gas supply causing Medusa and Fast Crash, and the accumulation of these impurities, along with Benzene and other BTEX compounds by failing to thoroughly inspect and decontaminate LP cylinders before refill.

For those unfamiliar with fast crash and Medusa reactions in extraction, as Solvent Direct Medusa Task Force Chairman Big M wrote in August of 2022: Extractors across the US have been experiencing unusual formations and reactions while extracting biomass with butane, propane, and isobutane. Extractors have been having issues with THCA diamonds that change from a clear, transparent crystal into a chalky, opaque crystal within hours to a couple days after formation. This is what is being referred to as Medusa Stones. The chalkiness is present throughout the diamonds.

Solvent Direct X Gas Butane, Propane, 70/30 for BHO Diamonds

It is speculated that it may be caused by changes in LP gas supply that have introduced an unknown chemical or chemicals into the current supply of gas in the US. Fast crashing diamonds are diamonds that start forming almost instantly upon pouring out of the extractor, sometimes even forming while still inside the machine. Normally this would take days to a week to occur. They are nucleating and forming in much more dilute solution than normally seen. Usually there would be much less solvent remaining before reaching the saturation point. The bar shaped formations are diamonds that take on a rectangular shape as opposed to the typical triangular faceted shape of traditional thca diamonds.

Both fast crash and Medusa have proven detrimental to butane extractors around the US. Over the past 12 weeks, Solvent Direct has been distributing an experimental filtered gas that may be the answer. Some of the most talented operators in extraction have been working closely with the Solvent Direct Medusa Task Force (MTF) under the guidance of PHD Analytical Chemist, “Dr. R”, led by MTF Chairman Big M. We are calling this new filtered gas X-Gas. The “X” in X-Gas initially stood for experimental, but preliminary testing and feedback show that this gas may not be so experimental anymore.

What is X-GAS?

From the inception of the Medusa Task Force, Solvent Direct was committed to finding a better product, and the result was the development of X-Gas, which is selected and refined specifically to prevent Medusa and Fast Crash Reactions in extraction. The process of creating X-Gas begins underground by selectively sourcing raw material only from the best shale deposits. Specifically, X-Gas is sourced exclusively from y-grade shale deposits that do not utilize high levels of additives in the extraction process. This product is then passed through a filtration skid consisting of a twin system, with two adsorbent medias that target oxygenates and nitrogenated halogens, which current research indicates to be the main catalysts of Medusa and Fast Crash Reactions. A proprietary third media is being used for a final pass to ensure consistency and reliability in supply.

While this news is sure to shake up the extraction industry, our sole focus at Solvent Direct is to get this new product in the hands of extractors as quickly as possible.

Solvent Direct X Gas Butane, Propane, 70/30 for BHO Diamonds 1-833-PURE-GAS

Since December 16th, the Solvent Direct Team has delivered over 500 cylinders of X Gas to some of the most talented extractors in the industry. Analyses showed X Gas consistently testing above 99.91%+ which is higher than any instrument grade gas before. Initial feedback suggests Medusa and Fast Crash reactions have been reduced significantly if not completely eliminated. Even better, many of these operators have discontinued the filtering protocol of using activated alumina and molecular sieve, and have verified that they are no longer seeing Medusa and/or Fast Crash reactions. While X Gas meets and exceeds the efficacy needs of butane extraction, crystallization and diamond production, the engineering team at Solvent Direct is still studying some of the variability in application. Our teams are learning the higher purity and "sticky" nature of the molecule means a system deep cleaning is necessary to see the best results using X Gas.

Why is a System Reset critical before running X Gas?

Learn how to prevent Medusa and Fast Crash Reactions 1-833-PURE-GAS

The impurities that cause Fast Crash and Medusa are "sticky" molecules that can re-contaminate clean X Gas if being introduced to a system that has not been thoroughly cleaned. After months of testing, research and development working closely with leading extractors, chemists, and engineers, Solvent Direct Medusa Task Force Chairman Big M, and Colorado-based Extractor Tyler Folino-Graham have developed a two stage System Reset SOP that has proven to eliminate the potential for cross contamination and re-contamination when introducing X Gas to a system that has been contaminated with Medusa and Fast Crash gas. In order to see the best results from X Gas we highly recommend following this SOP to prevent cross contamination. Special thanks go out to Rami Rodriguez, Big M, Tyler Folino-Graham and the entire team at Denver Dab Co for helping make these developments.

What is next for X GAS?

As we continue to collect valuable data and feedback on the efficacy and purity of our X-Gas product out in the field, we are working around the clock to move X-Gas to as many operators as possible. Fortunately, our 3 Phase Cylinder Decontamination logistical infrastructure gives us the ability to source and distribute X-Gas for the same price as any of our previous hydrocarbon gas offerings. As we phase out all old product and decontaminate every cylinder before every refill to prevent cross-contamination and toxic accumulations, there will be no price increase for X-Gas.

How to stop fast crash and medusa reactions in BHO diamonds 1-833-PURE-GAS

Additionally, the Solvent Direct Medusa Task Force continues to work closely with refinery engineers to identify further quality control, and impurity filtration applications to ensure consistent and reliable supply for extraction. For now, rest assured Solvent Direct fulfillment teams have X-Gas stocked and ready for next-day delivery at all of our distribution centers across the US. Further, if you happen to operate outside of our Next-Day Delivery network, rest assured our dedicated Logistics and Shipping Coordinators are available to expedite your shipment from our nearest hub to your doorstep as quickly as possible.

If you or someone you know is suffering from contaminated industrial supply standards, toxic mystery oil, benzene contamination or Medusa and Fast Crash reactions in extraction, please give our team a call or text at 1-833-PURE-GAS. Our dedicated Account Managers are ready to help you take your process to the next level.

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