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Carbon Chemistry is a leading supplier of materials used in cannabinoid production, purification, and distillation. Through years of experience, we found manufacturers lacked a single, reliable source for acquiring chemicals used to make cannabis oil. We solve the problem by providing a variety of proven, hand-selected products for the industry.

Oil purity is a direct result of the materials and processes used during production. The most respected brands trust Carbon Chemistry’s array of adsorbents and solvents when quality is of the essence. The only thing your customers enjoy more than the clearest, purest concentrates and distillates is to vilify the products that don’t make the grade. Protect your reputation by partnering with the proven single source for purification chemicals.


  • Highly active bentonite clay with a neutral pH

  • Cost-effective for full life cycle

  • Used for winterization, oil purification, distillation, and overall product improvement

  • Effective to remediate lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury.


  • Acid activated bentonite clay, contains carbon, low pH (3)

  • Consistent particle size, good flow rate

  • Can be used for oil purification, distillation prep and pesticide removal


  • Activated, amorphous magnesium silicate

  • Used for pesticide removal during the oil purification process

  • Myclobutanil focused

  • Can also be used in aid of color purification


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