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Nitrogen Express is a leading industrial gases family owned and operated company with eight years of experience. This company’s core business provides atmospheric and process gases and related equipment to manufacturing markets.


Does your business use Nitrogen?

Cryotherapy – We're ready to supply your cryotherapy business with the nitrogen it needs to cool off your clients. 

Ice cream vendors – Keep the cream cold! Nothing is worse than running out of liquid nitrogen on a hot day, no one wants a 'puddle sundae.'

Restaurants – Nitrogen is a crucial aspect of many parts of food and beverage preparation.

Tire dealers – Are you sending your customers to Costco when they say they have nitrogen in their tires? Let us show you how to increase profits and retain customers using Nitrogen.

Medical and pharmaceutical – We provide medical-grade liquid nitrogen for all your needs.

Car dealerships – Did you spend a fortune on a nitrogen membrane machine and it's broken again? Unlimited supply of medical-grade liquid nitrogen through Solvent Direct and NITRex.


Nitrogen gas can be a crucial component to many businesses and having the right product to offer you the right services at the right prices. For an entire decade, Nitrogen Express has grown to become one of the most trusted family-owned and operated nitrogen delivery companies in California.

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