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Carbon Chemistry's Activated Magnesium Silicate (MagSil-PR®) lets you remove pesticidesimprove color, and improve the clarity of your products, thanks to its powerful properties.


Magnesium silicate will bind to polar, water-soluble compounds. Once these compounds have bonded with the MagSil, the solution can be filtered through a recommended, 20-micron mesh screen.


Carbon Chemistry's MagSil PR is comprised of activated magnesium silicate.  This product is best used as a packing agent to remove common pesticides during oil purification and liquid chromatography. The silicate binds to water-soluble compounds to create a solution that allows for thorough filtration. Carbon Chemistry recommends pairing Magsil PR with it's companion product T-41 for optimal results.


Particle Mesh Size: 60/100

MagSil-PR® - Carbon Chemistry