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2023 Outlook: The Future of Lab Supply for Butane and Ethanol Extraction

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Solvent Direct shares butane and ethanol extraction insights, projections and national expansion plans slated for 2023.

Butane Extraction BHO and Ethanol Extraction outlook for 2023 Solvent Direct Carbon Chemistry Lustermax Media Bros Chemtek Bizzy Bee Extractors

As we begin 2023, we look back on a year of tremendous growth, opportunity and change - not only at Solvent Direct - but for the entire extraction community. With billion dollar extract market projections, rising demand for high purity butane and ethanol extracts, and consolidation changing the extraction landscape, we are keenly aware Solvent Direct will only be as successful as the extractors we serve.

Solvent Direct Lab supply with next day delivery for butane extraction, BHO, ethanol extraction, denatured ethanol, 710 spirits, 710 solution, carbon chemistry, media bros, lustermax and chemtek

Engineered for Extraction isn’t just a catchy slogan, it represents a commitment to the industry from which we were born. Solvent Direct was founded to support the extraction community by delivering safe and effective lab supply at a time when others wouldn’t. We set out on this mission to build a consistent and reliable supplychain without compromise. We hope this commitment is evident in every aspect of our business from our extraction-specific purity standards, to rigorous quality control systems, dedicated logistics and the industry-leading client services extractors deserve.

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working closely with countless extractors and operators. Time and again, what seems to distinguish great brands is a clear sense of purpose; scalable and consistent operations; and, crucially, high quality extracts. In today’s hyper competitive market, Solvent Direct must create value for and be valued by its clientele. Our dedication doesn’t stop at delivering best-in-class quality, value and service, it’s also about investing in the future.

For 2023 we will continue to invest in our clients and enhance our value by building new infrastructure and opening new locations, making new truck acquisitions and continuing to work diligently to reduce our costs and save extractors time and money. This year we are slated to open 4 new distribution centers across the US increasing our next-day delivery network. As we continue to build out our next-day fleet, we are also bringing inventory replenishment in-house by investing in additional tractor trailers. This move to cut out the cost of 3rd party trucking and transportation allows us to reduce product cost for our clients without compromise to purity standards or service. We wouldn’t be anywhere if we weren’t heavily invested in our delivery infrastructure, purity standards, research and development that drives our industry-leading product lines.

With the launch of our new e-commerce platform at SolventDirect.SHOP we are offering FREE shipping on media powders from industry-leading media companies like Chemtek, Media Bros, Carbon Chemistry and Lustermax. Not only can we deliver extractors the media they need with our next day delivery fleet in most markets, but we can also save extractors time and money on media purchases outside of our fleet range with the FREE shipping option. Additionally, with our dedicated shipping department we can also deliver 5 gallon ethanol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Pentane, Heptane, Hydrogen Peroxide, Butane, Propane, Isobutane and 70/30 Butane blends using ground shipping anywhere in the US.

With CO2 shortages and production delays plaguing the industry, here at Solvent Direct we invested in our clients' success by installing our bulk CO2 tanks and built our first dry ice manufacturing plant. With the ability to store up to 26 tons of CO2 on site, we are able to better supply client forecasts despite market fluctuations and CO2 shortages. By producing our Ultra High Density Dry Ice in-house, we also shorten the delivery time between production and delivery reducing the average sublimation rate which is typically 3-6% per day. We are now able to more consistently and reliably meet the needs of dry ice for extraction like never before.

Purity is Our Priority. In 2022, we saw variability in supply like never before. Knowing inconsistency in supply can negatively impact our clients' bottom line, Solvent Direct formed the Medusa Task Force and appointed Michael Medley as Chairman. Working closely with extractors, University researchers and our PHD Analytical Chemist, we have been able to identify possible causes of variability and expect to be making some big announcements Q1 2023. Our commitment to quality extracts and purity standards are unwavering and we will continue our pursuit of the highest purity standards for extraction.

Through community outreach with charities like Weed for Warriors and collaborations with Good Life Gang, we continue to bring value to the community, but also connect our extractors to consumers in new ways. Equipment manufacturers like Bizzy Bee, Across International, C1D1 Labs and Illuminated Extractors bring savings, accessibility and support to our clients like never before. Finally, we Solvent Direct wouldn’t be anywhere without investing in the people that make it all happen. Every member of the Solvent Direct is a critical piece to our supply chain and we value the teach, train, coach, develop philosophy for our growing team so we can continue to successfully disrupt traditional supply chains while maintaining the highest levels of purity and service extraction has ever seen.

At Solvent Direct, we believe if we stick together as a community and work with our clients to deliver education to consumers about the differences between low, mid and top shelf extracts we can drive demand for quality extracts and build a sustainable future for craft extractors. For 2023, expect to see investments in consumer education, awareness and influence by highlighting our clients and the importance of craft extraction, purity standards, testing, materials, service, innovation, and accessibility. Our goal is to continue to showcase quality extractors for the true talent that they are and create lasting consumer impressions in the same way Red Bull does for extreme sports and Rolex does for tennis and golf.

The future of extraction is happening now and as we work our way into 2023 our commitment to safe, consistent and reliable extraction supply is just the beginning. This year we will go above and beyond to help our clients attract and retain market share through product differentiation and consumer education. Make no mistake, the pursuit of quality is what drives Solvent Direct; and our investments in the long-term success of our clients is the measure which will ultimately determine our success.

We look forward to supplying your success in 2023!

Happy New Year,




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