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Here at Solvent Direct, our #1 priority is ensuring the success of our clients and their businesses. Workplace safety is a cornerstone to the success of any company and Solvent Direct consistently strives to meet and exceed safety and compliance standards.

In light of new regulations, per the recommendations of the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), we will begin to transition to the CGA 555 valve in our LPG Cylinders for liquid to liquid Service in order to maintain full compliance, safety and ease of use.

Key differences between the CGA 555 and the CGA 510:

Why the CGA 555 and not the CGA 510?

The answer is simple; the CGA 510 valve is the same fitting used in vapor gas applications such as barbecue grills, gas stoves and outdoor gas heaters. Well known valve manufacturers such as Rotarex, Rego, Sherwood and Marshall Excelsior do not, and will not allow their CGA 510 valve to be modified with a liquid withdrawal tube because this retrofit could lead to a very dangerous scenario when connected to other applications.

The CGA 555 valve features include:

- Excess flow ball limits flow in case of line breaks or accidental disconnects

- Fixed level vent valve

- Full length liquid withdrawal tube

- Pressure relief valve

CGA 510 Female Thread CGA 555 Male Thread Relief Valve Fixed Level Valve Solvent Direct, Inc Most importantly, the CGA specifies the use of the 555 valve in liquid applications and NFPA 58 requires the 555 valve outlet and internal excess-flow valve for use in liquid service.

What this means for you?

First and foremost, you can remain confident with Solvent Direct, your process will remain safe and compliant. The key difference your connection to this new valve. In order to connect to the CGA 555 male valve to your system, you will need the below adapter. Solvent Direct will provide this adapter to existing customers free of charge.

The success of your business is our #1 Priority.

Here at Solvent Direct, Safety and compliance is a top priority for us. Our clients can remain confident that we will keep your business at the forefront of the compliance, safety and purity standards for this new and emerging market.

This is our commitment to you.

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