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Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Solvent Direct is the industry leader in high purity gases engineered specifically for extraction. Not only do we utilize revolutionary cylinder standards and safety checks to deliver our Ultra High Purity Gases, but we also certify our cylinders with medical cylinder cleaning standards found in FDA CFR Section 211.80 to Section 211.94.

Our process of 3 Phase Cylinder Decontamination has revolutionized LPG handling and chain of custody standards improving safety and purity standards at the same time. Unlike traditional industrial suppliers, our SOP includes visual inspection, cylinder wall depth inspection, and weld inspection which meet and exceed US DOT and CGA standards. Specifically, our SOP requires this process to be performed before every refill to ensure valve seating by trained Hydrocarbon and Hazmat LPG Technicians as indicated by our Solvent Direct 3 Phase Seal.

Finally, we have patent-pending safety and compliance technology, SD-360 which brings facility safety, product purity, safety data sheets, and emergency response information to your fingertips with the swipe of a smart phone.

Solvent Direct is committed to safe, honest, and ethical manufacturing and we made it our life’s work to elevate and support the manufacturing industry with products that are safe and reliable. We are confident you will find our clients to be of the same pedigree and look forward to many more years of bringing these products to market.

Thank you,

Lexis B. Shontz

President & Founder, Solvent Direct, Inc



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