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Concentrating the best of Mj Bizcon specifically for extraction.

Join Solvent Direct, Good Life Gang, Future 4200, Bizzy Bee and other industry leaders for THE PATH TO PROFITABILITY at MJ Bizcon November 29 to December 1st, 2023 in Las Vegas Nevada.

The PATH TO PROFITABILITY will guide extraction-focused attendees through the crowds to find the parties, key contacts, suppliers and information that can make or break an extraction business in the current market.

Check out the below flyers for exclusive Solvent Direct discounts and to follow along the SOLVENT DIRECT PATH TO PROFITABILITY 2023.



Solvent Direct clients get SD-VIP all access and exclusive discounts to the GLG / SD events listed below, contact your Solvent Direct Account Manager at 1-833-PURE-GAS and register for your pass. Please note this pass does not include entry to the convention. These are for GLG / SD events only.


Find Solvent Direct, Good Life Gang and Bizzy Bee at Booth #3844 for exclusive swag and connections. Use code "23CANNAMEDIA10" for 10% OFF Bizcon Tickets!

VIP INVITE ONLY. Stay profitable in extraction by learning what other businesses and industry leaders are doing to stay at the top with Solvent Direct. Please note this event is invite only. Submit request below link and enter "BIZCON VIP" in the notes section to apply.

Get FREE Tix to the 5th Annual Good Life Gang Party and hang with Future 4200, Solvent Direct and grab some exclusive swag from the brightest and the best. Catch up with the legend Nikka T while he spins the latest at the GLG Party.

Use code "SD100" for free tix compliments of Solvent Direct at below link.

Follow the PATH TO PROFITABILITY with The Expo Passport. Click below to learn more or pre-order now. Grab exclusive swag from the vendors and ensure you get to the best booths at Bizcon.

Apply for an exclusive dinner with @Future4200 and @TheBlackStoneFly at the Solvent Direct Symposium before the White Claws and Whiteboard shenanigans start with Boris Kogon. Dinner sponsored by @LabelmyBud. DM @Future4200 for ticket.

VIP INVITE ONLY. If you don't know about the genius behind Bizzy Bee Extractors, get up front and personal with the genius behind one of the biggest brands in extraction equipment at this private after hours session. 8PM and will go all night long. Submit request at below link at enter"BIZCON VIP" in the notes section to apply.

For SD-VIP access and exclusive discounts to any of the events listed above, contact a Solvent Direct Account Manager at 1-833-PURE-GAS and ask how you can follow along.

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