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Prodigy Processing Solutions and Solvent Direct Announce Strategic Partnership to Elevate Cannabis Extraction to Pharmaceutical Standards

Updated: Apr 9

MJ Unpacked: Atlantic City, NJ April 9-11

Heralding in a New Era of Consumer Protection Safety Standards in the Cannabis Industry

MIAMI, April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/

Prodigy Processing Solutions, a pioneering force in hydrocarbon extraction technology, today announced its strategic partnership with Solvent Direct, the premier supplier of high-purity solvents specifically engineered for cannabis extraction. The alliance marks a momentous step forward in elevating the extraction process to meet and exceed pharmaceutical and consumer safety standards across the cannabis and hemp industries.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Solvent Direct has distinguished itself as the industry's foremost provider of compliant solvent solutions, manufactured with an unwavering focus on consumer safety and product transparency. This makes Solvent Direct a pivotal partner in Prodigy's mission to revolutionize cannabis extraction.

"Our partnership with Solvent Direct aligns perfectly with Prodigy's strategic vision of integrating the highest standards of safety and compliance into every facet of the cannabis extraction process," said Marc Beginin, CEO of Prodigy Processing Solutions. "As we stand on the cusp of FDA oversight, this partnership will ensure our clients are not just prepared for cannabis legalization, but are leading the way in compliance and safety."

Both Prodigy and Solvent Direct adhere to the stringent requirements for full Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance for both food and pharma standards, including comprehensive requirement specification, functional specification, design specification, testing protocols, traceability with detailed documentation, and standard operating procedures. This mutual commitment to excellence ensures that together, Prodigy and Solvent Direct are setting the industry benchmark for product safety and reliability.

As anticipation grows for the rescheduling of cannabis to Schedule III, which will significantly impact pharma research and propel the development of cannabis-based pharmaceutical products, Prodigy stands out as the only manufacturer of hydrocarbon cannabis extraction equipment fully prepared to meet the ensuing needs of the pharmaceutical industry and pending FDA consumer safety standards."Prodigy's use of only pharmaceutical grade 316L stainless steel for their equipment is a testament to their forward-thinking approach," said Lexis Shontz, CEO of Solvent Direct. "This is why our partnership is so pivotal; it represents a fusion of the highest grades of GMP-compliant extraction equipment and solvent purity—which is the future of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extraction."

The strategic partnership will be highlighted at the upcoming MJ Unpacked event, taking place April 9 – 11, 2024 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where Prodigy is the exclusive sponsor of the event's Garden Lounge. Representatives of both companies will be on hand to engage with attendees on the future of compliance in the cannabis extraction industry. Prodigy representatives will also be in attendance at Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference the following week, April 16-17, in Hollywood, Florida.

Prodigy's partnership with Solvent Direct reflects a shared vision for the future of cannabis extraction - where excellence in safety, compliance, and consumer protection are not just goals but foundational principles. As the industry evolves, Prodigy continues to establish a framework that not only meets today's standards but anticipates tomorrow's regulations, ensuring cannabis clients are ready for an era of FDA compliance from food-grade to pharmaceutical-grade products.

For more information about Prodigy Processing Solutions and its partnership with Solvent Direct, please visit

About Solvent Direct

Solvent Direct is the industry-leading supplier of lab solvent, solution and support Engineered Specifically for Extraction. With unwavering commitment to industry-specific purity standards and unparalleled logistical expertise, our mission is to address the most stringent customer requirements of quality, value, and service. We stand as a trusted partner, ensuring the timely delivery of the lab supply extractors need, precisely when they need it. Through unwavering dedication to excellence, we strive to meet and exceed the most rigorous expectations of our valued clientele, providing unparalleled solutions in extraction lab supply.

About Prodigy Processing Solutions

Prodigy Processing Solutions is the industry leader in cannabis extraction equipment, offering state-of-the-art engineering, unparalleled customer service, expert operator training, and complete extraction lab solution packages. Prodigy provides businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the cannabis and hemp industries. On a mission to deliver the highest quality and most innovative extraction solutions, Prodigy is setting the pace for the future of the cannabis and hemp industries.

SOURCE Prodigy Processing Solutions



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