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Higher Standards in Denatured Ethanol Purity

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

In the early days of chemical extraction in California we saw the application of low purity industrial material ruin reputations, products and people. We’ve been on a mission ever since to elevate and support our industry with the highest purity lab supply and technology in an effort to protect the integrity of extraction.

Solvent Direct only sources ethanol from dedicated C-GMP and ISO 9001 ethanol manufacturers. We do regular vendor audits, independent 3rd party testing and ensure we have regular Solvent Direct 710 Solution is the highest purity CDA-12-A available on the market pursuant to the Federal TTB formula 27 CFR part 21.26. It is very important we provide complete transparency into our manufacturing process, as you should yours. Please find the below statement and attached COA’s for your review regarding our 710 Solution.

The Solvent Direct CDA-12-A formula contains USP Food and Beverage Grade 200 proof Ethyl Alcohol and n-Heptane 99% per TTB Specifications because it has a distillation range of 200 and 211 degrees Fahrenheit. The standard distillation range for n-Heptane 99% is 208 to 209 degrees Fahrenheit. This product meets USP monograph specifications. No USP Class 1,2,3 or other residual solvents are used in manufacturing or handling. Results attached.

Low aromatic compound heptanes and lower purity heptanes a distillation range with a low end of 190 degrees Fahrenheit which puts it out of specification with TTB requirements. Solvent Direct only sources chemicals from vendors that do independent 3rd party analyses to ensure purity. For our Solvent Direct 710 Solution, our manufacturer took COA's for a variety of different n-Heptanes to the TTB for review.

Some distributors that use low aromatic compound heptanes that fall outside the regulatory parameters are actually charging up to $00.50/gallon extra to use n-Heptane 99% in CDA blends. Solvent Direct will not compromise our customers with this kind of practice that could lead to regulatory issues. We choose to use n-Heptane 99% because it is a safe and compliant product that falls within the TTB Specifications to ensure the highest levels of safety and compliance.

Solvent Direct n-Heptane has been evaluated according to the procedures set forth by USP General Chapter <232>. Eurofins Scientific has analyzed Solvent Direct n-Heptane 99% for over 20 Heavy metals to USP monograph specifications and has been approved for use in GMP facilities meeting the most stringent international standards. Results attached.



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