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How is CDA 12A Denatured Ethanol Saving the Extraction Industry?

Updated: Jun 23, 2021



What is 710 SOLUTION?

710 SOLUTION also known as CDA 12A is a blend between two different chemicals, both hydrocarbons and solvents. Our starting material is Food and Beverage Grade, Kosher Pareve 200 Proof Ethanol is blended with 4.6%-5% high-purity n Heptane.

ENGINEERED FOR EXTRACTION - At Solvent direct we source all of our materials from the highest quality and most reputable chemical and gas manufacturers in North America to ensure our quality meets the most stringent extraction requirements. Our 710 SOLUTION is the highest quality blended alcohol on the market.

What Does CDA 12A Stand For?

CDA is an acronym which stands for Completely Denatured Alcohol federal formula 12A. Denatured ethanol is blended with a chemical that is not meant for human consumption and is toxic if consumed. There are different classifications of denatured alcohols and they each have different implications on how the alcohol is tracked, taxed and used. I will talk more about the tax implications below!

How is 710 SOLUTION Used in Extraction?

710 SOLUTION is primarily used for laboratory and research use. It is becoming more and more popular as a process solvent for various pharmaceutical and extraction purposes. Specifically, the extraction industry is utilizing 710 SOLUTION for use in ethanol extraction to remove the oil based elements from the plant. Most recently, 710 SOLUTION has grown in popularity due to the boom in the extraction industry. The extracts are produced for use in consumer packaged goods like CBD gummies, CBD oil drops & tinctures, CBD skincare & topicals. ​

One can also find other cannabinoids in hemp extracts like CBG, CBC, CBN, CBL, delta 9 THC, delta 8 THC amongst others. In addition, these extracts contain terpenes that are naturally produced by the plant and used as fragrance / flavor as a bonus to the numerous health benefits. In legalized states for medicinal and recreational extraction, these extracts are used to fuel the dispensaries with various products for patience and consumers to enjoy. The most popular uses for extracts are for tinctures and edibles. There are multiple benefits to explore when deciding what hydrocarbon(s) to use during extraction and post processing. We will explore these benefits below.

Annoyances Associated with Pure Ethanol

Most business decisions are driven by costs and other factors like time and resources. When purchasing pure ethanol, you face a few obstacles - especially regarding the TTB (Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Borough) ​

  1. $26.68 per gallon federal excise tax

  2. Permit applications that are timely and tedious

  3. Permit needed to buy and store

  4. Storage limits issued by the TTB based on your permit and state

  5. Record keeping is necessary for compliance with the TTB

Benefits of CDA 12A vs Pure Ethanol

CDA 12A is hassle free!!

  1. CDA 12A incurs no federal excise tax

  2. No timely applications

  3. CDA 12A does not require any permits to buy or store

  4. CDA 12A does not have storage limits imposed by the TTB

  5. CDA 12A does not require record keeping with the TTB

  6. Same and Next Day Delivery available Nationwide!

How to Buy 710 SOLUTION

Solvent Direct 710 SOLUTION is the highest purity CDA 12A on the market engineered for extraction. We source material from some of the oldest and most reputable manufacturers in North America to ensure our quality meets the most stringent global extraction requirements.

710 SOLUTION is for sale in four shipping sizes.

  1. 6500-gallon tanker

  2. 275-gallon tote

  3. 55-gallon drum

  4. 5 - gallon pail

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