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Solvent Direct Dry Ice Supply Remains Strong Despite CO2 Shortages in Washington and Oregon.

Ferndale Refinery shut downs don't slow Solvent Direct trucks from delivering Ultra High Density Dry Ice to clients in Oregon and Washington.

Solvent Direct manufactures ultra high density dry ice for distribution in Oregon and Washington during the Ferndale Refinery shutdown.

Despite recent dry ice plant shut downs in Washington and Oregon due to maintenance at the Ferndale Refinery, Solvent Direct continues to deliver fresh dry ice in Oregon and Washington. According to industry officials, the BP Refinery in Ferndale, Washington produces petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel that help produce CO2.

Ferndale Refinery shut down every 4 years.

Our sources report the BP Pipeline in Ferndale has a hard shut down for maintenance every four years. While some CO2 suppliers are sending rail cars of CO2 to keep production going through the allocation, most dry ice manufacturers in Washington and Oregon rely on the CO2 byproduct from this production point. With limited supply under allocation dry ice manufacturers in Washington and Oregon are unable to keep up with current demands of the extraction industry.

Solvent Direct driver loads Ultra High Density Dry Ice for delivery.

Solvent Direct is tackling the CO2 shortage with their unique ability to produce Ultra High Density (UHD) dry ice in other regions where CO2 is still available. Solvent Direct then trucks the UHD Dry Ice into market using their dedicated fleet to ensure fresh dry ice in Oregon and Washington. The Solvent Direct plant in Northern California produces 750 Lbs per hour of UHD Dry Ice per hour. This dry ice is produced up to 3 shifts per day, packaged for shipment and loaded on to Solvent Direct fleet vehicles that travel the West Coast through the night. The UHD Dry Ice is then distributed from our Grants Pass location locally next-day and to points as far North as Tacoma, WA on our Regional Fleet Delivery trucks.

Solvent Direct semi trucks replenish inventory across the country of industry leading butane, propane, isobutane, ethanol, carbon chemistry, dry ice, chemtek, lustermax and media bros!

By operating a fleet of trucks dedicated to extraction supply ranging from semi trucks used to replenish inventory across the US all the way to F-550's and Hotshot Vans for quick and effective local delivery, the Solvent Direct fleet runs day and night to ensure the extraction supply chain remains strong in across the US despite local CO2 shortages.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Solvent Direct customer, please submit a quote request at or call 1-833-PURE-GAS to speak to one of our dedicated supply specialists.



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