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In December of 2022, after 1.5 years of research, analysis and development Solvent Direct took delivery of its first batch of X Gas. This new experimental gas is sourced from the cleanest shale and refined specifically to prevent Medusa and Fast Crash Reactions. Visit the links in blue or contact your account rep to learn more about getting X Gas in your lab.

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In our previous blog post, we discussed the challenges of Medusa and Fast Crash reactions in butane extraction and introduced X-Gas also referred to as Perseus Gas by other distributors as a potential solution. Today, we bring you the latest updates on X-Gas from Cortera Gas, its evolution, and how Solvent Direct is expanding its offerings to provide unparalleled transparency and options to our valued clients.


Rami Rodriguez, the chemist behind Medusa and Fast Crash Prevention Gas from Cortera Gas in Texas

Advancements in Butane Refinement:


In the world of butane extraction, where innovation is fast paced and challenges like fast crash and Medusa stones have plagued extractors, a groundbreaking new refinement process has emerged from the expertise of Rami Rodriguez, the Head Chemist at Cortera Gas in El Campo, Texas. With almost 2 years of research and development, Rodriguez has spearheaded the creation of Medusa and Fast Crash Prevention Gas, a revolutionary new high purity butane designed to eliminate the perplexing issues of fast crash and Medusa stones that have confounded butane extractors around the world.

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On behalf of the Solvent Direct Medusa Task Force, we are excited to bring you the latest development in Medusa and Fast Crash prevention; X-Gas. Just a few weeks ago, we took our first delivery of a new, experimental gas that’s been filtered for impurities known to cause Medusa and Fast Crash. We are keeping this on a “need to know” basis for now, but we wanted to make sure you were one of the first to have access to this new experimental product.

Solvent Direct X-Gas has been developed specifically for extraction. This product has been selected and refined to prevent Medusa and Fast Crash Reactions in extraction. X-Gas is sourced exclusively from shale deposits that do not require high levels of additives in the extraction process, and then is filtered through a twin system consisting of two adsorbent medias that target oxygenates and nitrogenated halogens, which current research indicates to be the main catalysts of Medusa and Fast Crash reactions. A proprietary third media is being used for a final pass.

We hope this is the beginning of a new chapter in gas purity standards and look forward to your thoughts and feedback. If you could provide any notes, observations, pictures, or videos of your before and after results we would greatly appreciate it. This will help us to evaluate and confirm the effectiveness of this new gas prior to announcing it publicly. We are excited to have you as a partner in being some of the first to test X-Gas, and look forward to hearing about your improved results.


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