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Highly Activated Bentonite Clay for Bleaching & Decolorizing Edible Oils pH: 2.7


SD - BOOST provides superior bleaching activity for demanding oils.  Effective with all types of difficult-to-bleach oil. 


  • Excellent metals adsorption characteristics (P, Ca, Fe, Mg, Ni, etc.)
  • Excellent Chlorophyll removal
  • Excellent Red and Blue color body removal.
  • Removes soaps and phospholipids
  • Outstanding filtration characteristics, including long filtration cycles and less pressure build up at cycle end. ph:2.7


FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) -  This product is safe for processing food, as long as its not part of the end product being consumed. 


NSF- HACCP *Prior to down packing this product was certified Kosher & Hallal. It does not retain its certifications after down packing.