ProTherm is specially formulated heat transfer oil for heavy duty industrial heating systems. This produces a finished product that is highly resistant to the thermal oxidation process and its effects on the fluid, such as viscosity increase, chemical breakdown, and sludge or varnish formation.


ProTherm is a tough industrial fluid which will not foul heat transfer surfaces if used within normal operating and maintenance procedures.

ProTherm 315

    • Boiling Point (°F): Not Applicable
    • Radioactivity: Not Applicable
    • Evaporation Rate: Not Applicable
    • Solubility: None
    • Freezing Point (°F): Not Applicable
    • Sublimes At (°F): Not Applicable
    • Odor: None
    • Vapor Density (Air = 1): Not Applicable
    • pH: Not Applicable
    • Vapor Pressure (mmHg): Not Applicable
    • Physical State: Solid
    • % Volatiles By Volume: None

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