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Color Remediation 41 - for Hydrocarbon

Color Remediation Forty-One (CR41) is a pH neutral, fast flow, high-performing, multipurpose blend of CRX, CRY, and G-CRAC. CR41 helps refine color, remove pesticides, and purify your product. CR41 is blended, prepared, and ready to use for in-line CRC applications.


Suggested use and application are identical to that of CRX and CRY, where more complex filter media may be required for light pesticide removal, light metal removal, and additional color removal are desired.


Color Remediation Forty-One (CR41) is Media Bros' high-performance, multi-purpose in-line CRC media blend. CR41 improves upon traditional media blends by combining the best-in-class filter media and harnessing the power of this fast flow technology.



Media Bros - CR41