Celite 545 is a formulation of Diatomaceous Earth that is used as a filtration aid for the pre-processing of distillate. Diatomaceous earth is considered skeletal remains of single-celled algae/diatoms formed due to sedimentary deposits. This filtration aid is used in laboratory settings and is a surface-active filtration agent that causes abrasion and the adsorption of other materials such as plant lipids. Celite 545 or Diatomaceous Earth is also an effective, safe alternative to chemical pesticides. This ultra-fine powder should be used with the proper safety equipment and should not be inhaled due to the risk of causing respiratory damage.

Celite 545

  • Component Classification Concentration

     Diatomaceous earth (Calcined), respirable


     CAS-No. 68855-54-9

    EC-No. 272-489-0

    STOT RE 1; H372 Concentration limits:  1 - 10 %: STOT RE 2, H373; > 10 %: STOT RE 1, H372;  >= 90 - <= 100 % 

     Cristobalit, respirable


     CAS-No. 14464-46-1

    EC-No. 238-455-4



    STOT RE 1; H372

     >= 1 - < 5 %

     Quartz, respirable


     CAS-No. 14808-60-7

    EC-No. 238-878-4

    STOT RE 1; H372

     >= 1 - < 5 %

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