Media Bros - K-CRAC

Media Bros - K-CRAC

Kleanup Color Remediation Activated Carbon - for Hydrocarbon


"Kleanup" Color Remediation Activated Carbon (K-CRAC) is our most versatile, nontoxic, food-grade, post-processing activated carbon powder. This plant-based, pH neutral, high surface area activated carbon powder provides superior purification, pesticide removal and full-color body clean-up.


Compatible with all processing solvents, but suggested for powder alkane applications. Suggested for filter cake applications or columns that accept powder carbon, such as those in post-processing cleanup. Minimum suggested amount of K-CRAC, 3-5% m/m of estimated extract in solution.


"Kleanup" Color Remediation Activated Carbon (K-CRAC) is our most versatile, non-toxic, food grade, post-processing activated carbon powder. Oil color got you down? Funky odor? Need a high-performance carbon powder for redissolve post-processing? K-CRAC has your back. Our plant-based, high surface area, pH neutral activated carbon powder has you covered. Provides excellent purification, pesticide removal, and color body cleanup. For best results, use with media bros MBDE filter aid.