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Solvent Direct is the leading international supplier of ultra high purity solvents, solutions and support specifically engineered for chemical extractions. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a full suite of services to our customers. From compliance support, to solvents, media and equipment, we have it all with the Power of ONE.


Since the advent of chemical extractions, we've seen the application of low purity industrial supply ruin reputations, products and people. Solvent Direct has been on a mission to elevate and support hardworking and industry pioneers and creative chemists ever since.

Building this business organically from the ground up means we never make decisions based on investors, profits, shareholders or any other outside influence. We only supply the highest purity, industry-leading products to support safe, honest and ethical manufacturing.


Solvent Direct has a team of chemical engineers, logistical experts and industry veterans working around the clock so you can rest assured we will deliver the right products, at the most competitive prices on time, every time. 

We are committed to these values and look forward to serving you.